The founder: Carlotta Danti

“My work is love, vanity and sensuality, born and raised from my Italian closest affections”.

Born and grown in Northern Italy, Carlotta Danti has learned everything about fashion in traditional sartorial ateliers of Italian Alta Moda, between Venice, Milan and Florence. Through her formative years Carlotta has nurtured her vision of sensual beauty and comfortable lifestyle based on her homeland inspirations. At the forefront there are Italian holiday destinations like Portofino, Versilia and of course, the picturesque Amalfi coast.

After moving to London at a young age, Carlotta Danti received a rigorous sartorial education over four dazzling years at Vivienne Westwood’s eccentric atelier. In the big dynamic city, Carlotta has perfectioned her tailoring expertise, while she experimented freely with exuberant styles and precious materials, increasing her absolutely unique taste.

In 2005 she travelled back to her motherland to set the foundation of “Rosamosario” as her own fashion line. In its name Carlotta merged an ancient Roman gentlelady’s appellation, Rosa Mosario, coincidentally naming her brainchild after rose, love, and freedom – rosa, amo, ario – that served as symbols of her romantic creations.

“A woman should indulge in her desire for the finest lingerie, since her powerful desire to express herself in the world generates both the need for luxurious lingerie and its consequent artistic creation”.

Carlotta has been nicknamed “lingerie queen” as she expresses a new dimension of lingerie, reinterpreting iconic garments with a sophisticated and contemporary aesthetic. Currently based in Milan and London, Carlotta Danti keeps creating unique pieces in her atelier, when she is not travelling to meet clients and seek inspiration from women all over the globe. Travel therefore becomes discovery, an infinite widening of horizons, knowledge and culture.

With visionary ambitions and commitment to uncompromising excellence, Carlotta Danti is a modern business-woman and an enlightened designer.

Thanks to Carlotta’s expertise in the field of fashion, Rosamosario boasts an international distribution. The unique creativity of Rosamosario born in a thriving laboratory between silks and precious lace, boasting a meticulous team of Italian craftsmen.




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