Eccentric, untameable, impudent, yet deeply feminine. Rosamosario embraces the multiplicity of femininity always remaining faithful to women’s innate sensuality.

Pop empress Rihanna, recently crowned by Billboard as “best selling digital artist of all times”, adores wearing Rosamosario.

Especially in occasion of luscious live performances or captivating music videos, the 14-times-Grammy-winner chooses irresistible Rosamosario creations to delight her audience both on stage and in digital videos. As recently as 2016, Rihanna shot the music video for ‘Needed Me’, a single from her 6th studio album ‘Anti’, with styling by Mel Ottenberg. In the entirety of the clip Rihanna, who embodies a vengeful goddess-like diva, is dressed solely in Rosamosario.

She walks swiftly in a magnificent floor-sweeping night robe, Cosmic Love in see-through Italian silk organza with extra-wide puffy sleeves.
This enchanting gown not only offers her a luminous presence, thanks to the clean cut of the neck and the light azure colour, but it elegantly makes a statement worn, as she does, over the plain chest. The transparent robe presents her as powerful woman, whose bare nudity can magnificently suffice with a fearless single layer of transparent silk organza. The sleeves detail, that bestow royal stature on her beauty, became a viral trend in the music and fashion industry.

In one of the most solemn sequences of the 2016 music video‘Desperado’, also a single from the ‘Anti’ studio album, the singer walks into an immaculate dressing room.

Here, a small circle of women dressed as couturiers from the 19th century take her measures, undress her, and lead her in silence towards an eerie portal. The sumptuous bridal robe the singer is wearing is indeed a Matrimonio all’Italiana style by Rosamosario – literally ‘Italian wedding’. A masterpiece in delicate off-white tulle, the gown is enriched by precious French chantilly lace running all over the hems that endow the tulle’s simplicity with a distinguished mark of nobility. The Matrimonio all’Italiana style also features a gorgeous body and a luscious nightdress. The chic belt in matching Italian silk is worn open by Rihanna, whose ethereal look gets ultimately sealed by this unforgettable bridal garment.

Also on stage Rihanna can’t seem to be able to renounce to a style by Rosamosario. At the 2016 MTV music video awards the R&B diva flaunted an irreverent customized look, especially owed to Rosamosario’s ad-hoc statement triangle bra: a masterpiece of gleaming pink Italian silk, sensually trimmed in rich mink fur over the cups. Reckless yet deeply sensual, La Mia Felina Passione style by Rosamosario also features boxers, a night dress and a robe with which Rihanna has been captured on other occasions. For her performance, Rihanna wore a customized variation of La Mia Felina Passione, designed and crafted minutely for her needs.




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