Answer me. Am I in Sin City or in the City of Angels?

by Porsiana Beatrice

Something tells me that reality is much more complicated than a binary opposition. I am in Los Angeles to get lost in a jungle of glass and mirrors as well as in a tidy architecture of towering palm trees. I am not afraid of running against the wind, I will run and breathe deeply in the city of one and a million industries.

Against the wind, my muscles are doubly stimulated, my hair is combed and volumized by its blowing power. And, finally, the most spectacular effect of facing headwind is seeing the silk georgette of my pink dress along with its lace edging catching the wind and holding its rash of air.


Have you seen the sheer tulle of my long cape lifted by my cathartic movements in L.A.’s Art District? I will be as dramatic as I want to be everywhere and in L.A. first and foremost. Who will dare judge me in the land of dreams and dramas? I dare and I dare you! I will walk and I will run with my sky blue feathered body. I feel free and no inhibition will stop me among the murals popping up and bringing life to L.A.’s walls and boulevards of broken dreams.


I will dance in Santa Monica and on Venice Beach my way – in red French Chantilly lace – and you will see me. You will notice me once and for all. I will give you back your passions and your senses, but also your misery. You will beg for the sight, the smell, the taste, the touch of me. Where will I be next in L.A.? Where will you find me? Wherever I can freely express my artistic and young restlessness. Hollywood? Beverly Hills? Don’t look for me in obvious places, I may just be coasting down an oil derrick or a power plant.




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