The Rosamosario and Tina’s Symphony: Allegro con brio

There’s no better way to describe the modern symphony played by the Rosamosario dream team and the talented hairstylist Tina Outen – accompanied by her brilliant assistants, a.k.a. Tina’s magic “unicorns”.


The Rosamosario Official Event in Milan, during the latest SS2018 Fashion Week, was a symphony of sounds, colours, artistic expressions, fabrics, textures

…and multicultural people masterfully directed by Carlotta Danti who chose Tina Outen as her exclusive Concertmaster. As soon as Tina’s London crew landed in Milan, the Rosamosario “concert hall”, i.e. Palazzo Bovara, hosted their very first performance during the Milan Fashion Week!

And, once they arrived, the fil rouge, the unifying thread between Carlotta’s creative vision and Tina’s artistic execution was a harmonious and yet kaleidoscopic Beauty!

The day before the great show, while Tina was dipping her shocking pink nails into mermaid-blue hair or sewing silver voluminous wigs on top of her unicorns’ heads – the things they do for Tina! What a gifted and dedicated crew – Carlotta and her expert sartorial team were passionately sorting the last details: embellishing and decorating the garments by hand with the last embroideries, securing that every single crystal was well-sewn on each outfit, and, most importantly, they were all excitedly rehearsing for the Big Event!

The result? The Intimate Encyclopedia was a modern symphony combining the Rosamosario Nude Couture – celebrating the body with its Victorian volumes, refined Chantilly Lace, Silken Embroideries, captivating Animal Prints – with Tina’s intriguing interpretation of mermaids’ hair, voluminous and flowery wigs, Rococo hairstyle and her use of accessories borrowed from a Dadaist closet.

Altogether: Allegro con Brio!


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